Доступные в скрипте объекты

Name Class Description
Engine TL2Control Character control object
Script TPaxEngine Script control object
User TL2User User control object
Auction TL2List из TL2AucItem List of auction items
SpawnList TL2List из TL2Spawn List of objects who have coordinates
NpcList TL2List из TL2Npc List of all visible NPCs
PetList TL2List из TL2Pet List of all pets
CharList TL2List из TL2Char List of players
DropList TL2List из TL2Drop List of landed items
SkillList TL2List из TL2Skill List of all skills availabe to our char
ItemList TL2List из TL2Item List of all items availabe to our char
WareHouse TL2List из TL2Item List of items in our warehouse
Inventory TInventory Lists of items in our inventory (char/quest/pet)
ChatMessage TChatMessage Buffer storing information about the last chat message. Example: Game chat scanner, looking for needed phrases
GPS TGps GPS database control
LearnList TL2List из TLearnItem List of skills available to learning
LearnList2 TL2List из TLearnItem List of skills available to learining from NPC
History TMessages Messages list (logs)
BotList TList из TBot List of bots windows (account manager)
Party TParty Party control object
Bot TBot Bot window (interface)