TL2Drop = class(TL2Spawn)

Class describing drop from mobs.

Name Result Description Code Params Examples
Count Int64 Items Count in one ''Stack''
function  Count: Int64;
There are no arguments
for i:= 0 to DropList.Count-1 do Print(DropList(i).Name +': '+ IntToStr(DropList(i).Count) +'count');  // Print all drop and him count
IsMy Boolean Check drop owner ("Our" - if dropped our char/pet/party member)
function IsMy: Boolean;
There are no arguments
if (DropList(i).IsMy) then Engine.Pickup(DropList(i));   // If the drop belongs to us, then pick up it
Stackable Boolean Check if item is stackable
function Stackable: Boolean;
There are no arguments
if (DropList(i).Stackable) then   // if i-th element of drop list is stackable, then...


Name Class Description
DropList TL2List из TL2Drop List of landed items