Adrenaline Bot API

Welcome to updated, fully completed, multilanguage script engine documentation.

Also you can find here ready scripts and detailed script examples for Adrenaline Bot.

Documentation Updates

12/09/2019 Added new method TL2Live.EnchantA - Object armor set enchant level. Available for chronicles higher then High Five.

12/09/2019 Added new method TL2Live.Enchant - Object weapon enchant level

09/12/2019 Added new example: Universal script for auto charging icons for any tanks

09/07/2019 Added new example: Displaying useful information about players in their titles

09/07/2019 Added new example: Players counter from the specified clans + record information to file

09/07/2019 Added new example: Simulation of random clicks near character

09/07/2019 Added new example: Switching auto-use of Soulshots/Spiritshots

08/27/2019 Added new method Methods.SendToDiscord - Send message to Discord

08/27/2019 Added new method Methods.SendToTelegram - Send message to Telegram

08/27/2019 Added new example: Sending notifications to Telegram and Discord from script

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