Adrenaline Bot API

Welcome to updated, fully completed, multilanguage script engine documentation.

Also you can find here ready scripts and detailed script examples for Adrenaline Bot.

Documentation Updates

[07/15/2019]: Added new method TL2Control.UpdateCfg - Update (reread) bot settings. Required after usage GetFaceSet.

[07/09/2019]: Added new method TL2Control.SetPerform - Set performance level for game client in the background ("background game")

[07/02/2019]: Added new method Methods.Print - Write message/log to Adrenaline interface

[06/19/2019]: Added new method TL2Control.Pickup - Activate automatical pickup of drop/items laying on the ground

[06/17/2019]: Added new method TBaseNpc.WalkSpd - NPC walk speed. Can be changed.

[06/17/2019]: Added new method TBaseNpc.RunSpd - NPc run speed. Can be changed.

[06/17/2019]: Added new method TBaseAction.Category - Social action type (1 - basic, 2 - group, 3 - marks, 4 - social, 5 - pet, 6 - summon)

[06/17/2019]: Added new method TBaseSkill.CastStyle - Skill type. Can be changed.

[06/17/2019]: Added new method TBaseSkill.CastRange - SKill using range (-1 - without range). Can be changed.

[06/17/2019]: Added new method TBaseSkill.NeedMP - Required MP number for skill using. Can be changed.

Class Hierarchy