TL2Auction = class(TL2List)

Class describing auction (relevant for GOD+ chronicles)

Name Result Description Code Params Examples
Search Boolean Generates a search query. The result is placed in object Auction
function Search(const Name: string; Grade: Integer = -1; PageID: Integer = 0): Boolean;

const Name - name of searched item
Grade - 0 - NG; 1 - D, 2 - C, ..., 10 - R99. 
PageID - number of pages for search

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SellItem Boolean Set item for auction
functionfuncti  SellItem(Item: TL2Item; Count, Price, Days: Cardinal; CustomName: string = ''): Boolean;

Item - item name
Count - item count
Price - item price
Days - period of selling: 1, 3, 5, 7
CustomName - can add item name, if its not in database

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BuyItem Boolean But item from auction
function BuyItem(Item: TL2AucItem): Boolean;

Item - item name for buying

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GetMySales Boolean Returns list of our auction sales
function GetMySales: Boolean;
There are no arguments Examples not found
CancelItem Boolean Remove item from sale
function CancelItem(Item: TL2AucItem): Boolean;

Item - item name

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Items TL2AucItem Allows to access the object in the list by index
property Items: TL2AucItem;
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Name Result Description
TL2Control.GetAuction TL2Auction