TParty = class

Class describing our party

Name Result Description Code Params Examples
Pets TNpcList List of pets in our party
function Pets: TNpcList;
There are no arguments
for i:= 0 to Party.Pets.Count-1 do .. // Checking list of our party pets
Chars TCharList List of party members
function Chars: TCharList;
There are no arguments
for i:= 0 to Party.Chars.Count-1 do .. // Checking list of party members
LootType TLootType Returns loop type of our party
function LootType: TLootType;
There are no arguments
if (Party.LootType = ldRandom) then  // if loot type in our party - random, then..
Leader TL2Char Returns party leader
function Leader: TL2Char;
There are no arguments
Engine.Say(Party.Leader.Name+', who is main assist in this party?');


Name Class Description
Party TParty Party control object


Name Result Description
TL2Control.GetParty TParty Gets party list from another account