TInventory = class

Class describing our inventory

Name Result Description Code Params Examples
Pet TItemList Pet inventory
function Pet: TItemList;
There are no arguments
Print(Inventory.Pet.Count);  // prints number of pet inventory slots
User TItemList Our char inventory
function User: TItemList;
There are no arguments
for i:= 0 to Inventory.User.Count-1 do Print(Inventory.User.Items(i).Name);   // prints all items in our inventory
Quest TItemList Our quest inventory
function Quest: TItemList;
There are no arguments
if Inventory.Quest.ByID(18249, tmp_quest_item) then .. // if item with ID = 18249 found in our quest inventory, then ...


Name Class Description
Inventory TInventory Lists of items in our inventory (char/quest/pet)


Name Result Description
TL2Control.GetInventory TInventory Gets inventory list from another account