How does it work?

Since Adrenaline Bot does not support SSL by default, we made an interlayer in the form of a microservice, which redirects your requests to Telegram or Discord servers.

You need to create a webhook in your account by setting up only one field. Next, you simply call one of the functions SendToDiscord \ SendToTelegram \  SendToIcq in the script in the place you need, setting as an argument the message you want to send - and that’s it! In the telegram, messages will come from our bot to the specified chat (more suitable for personal notifications, but you can also use general chat), and in the discord - to any channel on your server that you specify (i.e. great for clan notifications).


What is it for?

For example, notifications about the RaidBoss respawn to a special channel in the discord, access to which have only authorized persons or about the appearance of enemy clan players in some location. Or you can notify yourself of death on a spot on Essence servers (for true ligits, whom religion doesn’t allow to play without adrenaline, but you don’t want to be banned while GM check). You can notify about anything, just imagine!

How to use it?

1. You need to register on our website

2. After registration go to the webhook management page in your account

3. Next, we create a webhook:

    If you want to send a telegram notification, then:   

    - choose the type of webhook Telegram
    - in the second field indicate your chat_id (how to get own chat id)
    - add to contacts our telegram bot: @l2adrenaline_bot

    If you want to send a notification to discord, then:

    - choose the type of webhook Discord
    - open the discord, go to the settings of your server, to which messages will come
    - select in settings Webhooks, then click Create webhook
    - in the window that opens, configure the name and channel to which messages will be sent, as well as copy webhook URL
    - paste the copied URL into the second field on our website

    If you want to send a notification to icq, then

    - choose the type of webhook Icq
    - open the icq , go to the settings , clict add nickname , copy it
    - paste the copied nickname into the second field on our website
    - add to contacts our icq bot @l2adrenaline_bot

4. After the webhook was created in your account, you will see it in the table. In this table, you can manage your webhooks (turn on\off, delete etc.). In the table you need to copy the API Key of your webhook.

5. Now you can call functions  SendToDiscord SendToTelegram \ SendToIcq in your script, indicating in them the first parameter API Key, and the second - the message you want to send.

Messages support markdown markup language as well as multi-line text:

uses SysUtils, Classes;

var SL: TStringList;

  SL:= TStringList.Create;
  SL.Add('`code line`');
  SL.Add('**string with bold English text**');
  SL.Add('_italic text line_');

  SendToDiscord('72a03ab**********abd7aba10', SL.Text);