function Relog(CharIndex: integer = -1): boolean;   // relog to the character with the specified number
var i: integer;                                     // (by default it comes on the same as it was)
  result:= false; 
  if (CharIndex > 6) then exit;                               // quit if character index is incorrect
  while (User.InCombat) do delay(99);                         // wait until we quit the combat

  // if we have a thread to disconnect, then we change the global variable,
  // so that it stops working for the time of relog
  // gBlockDisconnectThread:= true;                           
  if Engine.Restart then                                      // if you managed to restart, then
    while (Engine.Status = lsOnline) do delay(999);           // wait until we get to the character selection panel
  Delay(5000);                                                // wait an additional 5 seconds for loading
  if (CharIndex = -1) then begin                              // if character index was not specified, then
    if Engine.GameStart() then                                // go to the same character as was
      while (Engine.Status <> lsOnline) do delay(999);        // and look forward to entering the game
  end else begin                                              // if the character index was specified, then
    if Engine.GameStart(CharIndex) then                       // go to the character with the specified number
      while (Engine.Status <> lsOnline) do delay(999);        // and similarly waiting for the entrance to the game
  Delay(5000);                                                // waiting for extra time for loading
  // gBlockDisconnectThread:= false;                          // turn on disconnect check thread back if there is one
  result:= true;

  // code ...
  Relog();         // will relog to the same character
  // or
  Relog(3);        // will relog to the 4th character (indexes 0-6)