GPS EditorVisual editor for building routes that can be used in scripts.


What is Gps Editor and what is it for?

Adrenaline Bot has built-in pathfinding algorithms that allow you to effectively navigate the game world. In order for these algorithms to work, the bot needs to load a map with drawn routes. GPS Editor is a convenient visual editor that allows you to edit such route databases.


  • Creating / saving / loading databases with routes
  • You can select several points at once and perform bulk operations on them (deleting / linking)
  • Editor can work with several characters at once
  • Optional centering of the map relative to the selected character
  • Ability to edit the attributes of selected points and links
  • Choice of the displayed map level (you can switch between surface and dungeons)
  • Copying the coordinates of the selected point by the button
  • Console launch options (allows, for example, to launch the editor from your own scripts with a pre-selected map)



  1. Download the archive with the editor, unpack it to the folder with the bot, for example ..\Adrenaline\GPS\..
  2. Run GpsEditor.exe
  3. Make sure that maps for bot are loaded (located in the ..\Adrenaline\Maps\.. folder) - if there are no maps, then load them using the updater
  4. Specify in GpsEditor path to the folder with the bot's maps (Settings → Set folder with maps).
  5. In GpsEditor, click file → create db and then open it (file → open db), if you already have .Db3, then click file → open db.
  6. Start the GpsEditor.enc script on the account with which you are going to record the route
  7. Yout character should appear in the editor window (as a green dot)
  8. Activate Follow the selected account option so that the focus is always on the character
  9. Activate Add undirected edge option 
  10. Turn on the route recording (Add a point when selected character moves), and start moving in the game with the mouse

How to use this in a script?

Our documentation has a detailed example with code showing how to use GPS in an Adrenaline bot.