Bot installation, purchase and first start

Getting the key

Test access

You can try Adrenaline bot before buying it - for this, contact our technical support and ask for test access.


Purchase of Adrenaline Bot on our website is fully automated.

  1. Be sure to consult with our technical support to know for sure whether you will have a working bot on the desired game server, as well as which type of license will be the best for you.
  2. Open the Adrenaline bot purchase page.
  3. Click on the card with license you are interested in, read the Important information and confirm that you have read it.
  4. Click Buy button.
  5. You will be redirected to the payment gateway page, where you will need to select comfortable payment option, specify your Email (key will be sent to it) and click Purchase.
  6. On the payment gateway page, follow the instructions depending on the payment method you choose.
  7. Immediately after payment you will be redirected to the page with the key.
    The key will be automatically sent to the Email address specified during the payment.
    Also, you can always view all purchases in your personal cabinet on our website. To register in the cabinet, use the Email that you used for purchases. Or add this Email as an Additional.

If you have issues with purchase methods you are accustomed to - read this info!


If you will have Problems with Downloading or Launching the Adreneline Bot - first of all read instruction again, look at the Typical Problems section and try to take the measures described in it. If this does not help, please contact our technical support.

Updater installation

  1. Create a new folder. For example, on the desktop or in the root of C:\ drive.
    Make sure, there are NO spaces and ONLY english characters in the full path to the folder and name of folder!
    Do not use the names "bot", "Adrenaline" and like that for the folder. It's not safe!
  2. Download archive with the Updater.
  3. Move the file Updater.exe from the archive to created folder.
  4. Run Updater.exe. After the first launch, the Updater will be renamed to a random name for security. For example, _dk0ElTg2MTNbi0Dx.exe.
  5. Now you can download, update and launch all our products in one place!

Bot installation

  1. Select in the Updater the Adrenaline Bot program and then the desired Version - Russian or English.
    Please note, that here you do not choose the interface language, but the database language. The displayed names of items, monsters, skills, etc. will depend on this.
  2. Click Download and wait until all files are downloaded.
    By checkbox to the left of the file name, you can remove unnecessary files from the download.
    In the same way, you can download Maps for the bot.
  3. In the Keys tab, click Add Keys and insert the key you purchased. If there are several keys, then insert each of them on a new line. Then click Save.
  4. Click Run and select the file Adrenalin.exe.
    Perhaps the bot will not start the first time - this is normal, try again.
  5. A window with the Adrenaline bot interface should appear in front of you.
  6. Switch language to English in the top menu (screenshot).

We recommend to always run program only through Updater - this way you will always see and be able to download updates, which will increase the security of game accounts.

Bot launching

So, you installed the bot and launched it. It's time to log into the game and start using it.

  1. Launch game client and login your character.
    Warning! Always run bot before running the game.
    After logging in, a new line should appear in the list of the bot's Account Manager.
  2. Bring your character to a location where there are monsters.
  3. Select your account in the Manager and click on the gear icon, settings interface will open.
  4. Open the Combat zone tab and select Arbitrarily in the Combat zone settings
  5. Open the Attack tab, select the Action type, the name Attack and click the Add button (or configure some skills depending on your class)
  6. Save the configured config
  7. Click the Enable bot button. Character should start to farm the mobs.

This is an example of a minimal bot configuration, in fact, you can fine-tune the behavior of your character in the bot. We have detailed instructions on how to set up an Adrenaline bot on our website - having studied them, you can masterfully control several characters at once.

Typical problems

Bot doesnt launch

There are several reasons why the program may not start. This is mainly due to the fact that the program injects to a third-party process (game), and, of course, antiviruses and Windows security technologies do not like it.

  • Windows DEP interferes (Data Execution Prevention). 
    Using the Tools in our Updater, you need to add all program .exe files to the DEP Exceptions.
  • Windows Defender interferes.
    In the beginning, disable "Real-time Protection" in Windows Defender settings. Then, using the Tool in our Updater, completely Disable Defender.
  • The installed third-party antivirus interferes.
    Add the program folder or files to the exceptions of your antivirus (how to do this, you can find on Google), or better disable / delete it completely. Some antiviruses even in the disabled state continue to block the program
  • There are spaces or incorrect characters in the path to the program. 
    Perhaps, you will even see a console window with some message.
    Rename the folder with NO spaces and ONLY english characters, then replace it to the root of the C:\ drive.
  • Some program files are not updated or missing.
    This is possible for various reasons, even if you haven't touched anything yourself. For example, the files could be deleted by an antivirus.
    Accordingly, it is worth to recheck the files with our Updater and download if necessary.
  • Program keys were entered incorrectly.
    Make sure there are no incoreect characters, spaces, etc. in the keys. It is best to copy and paste the key directly in our Updater. Each key must be on a separate line.
  • Connection problem with authorization server. 
    Try using some VPN service. For example, ProtonVPN from the Tools of our Updater, it has a free plan.
    Also disable programs for filtering traffic and ads like AdBlocker.
  • The computer is not restarted.
    Sometimes, especially after completing the steps above, you just need to restart your PC.

Bot doesnt see game

  • Detection of game clients is disabled.
    You may have accidentally or unknowingly disabled the interception of game processes by clicking Stop in the Main menu.
    You can turn it back on by clicking on the Android icon (screenshot).
  • Program is not updated.
    We regularly release updates for various game servers.
    Make sure that all program files are updated by our Updater.
  • The game client is corrupted or not updated.
    You should keep in mind that our program is being developed and tested on clean game server clients with the latest updates. If you have already used one game client on several servers, this may cause the program to malfunction!
    It is better to download the client again from the game project website.

Map doesnt appear

  • The maps are not downloaded.
    You can download Maps for the bot using our Updater by selecting the appropriate section on the bot's page (screenshot).
  • Map visability is disabled.
    You can enable it in the menu by right-clicking on the map (screenshot).


If you have a problem of a different nature, then check out our FAQ. If none of the actions helped you, contact the Adrenaline Bot support.