Bot installation and first start

There is also a video version for this manual.

Getting the key

Test access

You can try Adrenaline bot before buying it - for this, contact our technical support and ask for test access.


Purchase of Adrenaline bot on our website is fully automated. You buy a key that gives you access to the bot for a month. The key is sent to your email address immediately after payment.

  1. Open the Adrenaline bot purchase page.
  2. Select the type of license that suits you (check with our technical support what type of license you need).
  3. Click on the card with license you are interested in, read the important information, confirm that you have read it.
  4. Select your payment system and keys count, then click Buy button.
  5. You will be redirected to the payment gateway page, where you will need to specify your Email (key will be sent to it).
  6. On the payment gateway page, follow the instructions depending on the payment method you choose.
  7. Immediately after payment you will be redirected to the page with the key (it will also be sent to the Email you specified).

Bot installation

  1. Create a folder for the bot, for example, on the desktop or in the root of the C: \ drive. Make sure there are no spaces in the full path to the folder and it contains only English characters!
  2. Download archive with the Adrenaline bot updater. Move downloaded archive to this folder.
  3. Unpack the archive. Updater.exe file will appear in the folder.
  4. If you have antivirus or firewall enabled, then add the bot folder to the exceptions (since they can block the download of bot files). This point is optional, but if you have any difficulties in the next steps, then follow this point.
  5. Run Updater.exe and in the window that appears, select Adrenalin(en) in the drop-down list and click the Обновить button:

    Here, in the future, you can download maps for the bot for the necessary chronicles.
  6. Run Adrenalin.exe - an error message will pop up and the key.txt file will appear.
  7. Enter your key that you bought In the key.txt file (the key from the bot should be like L2B ****). If there are several keys, then just write each key on a new line.
  8. Run Adrenalin.exe again - a bot window will appear. Switch Language to English in menu.
  9. Start the game client and enter the game.

For security reasons, it is better to always close Updater.exe (check in the tray) and delete or archive it after you have downloaded the update.

Setup and running

After you have launched the bot and entered the game, your character's nickname will appear in the Adrenaline Bot account manager.

For make your charachter start farm, you need to make a minimum setting:

  1. Bring your character to a spot where there are mobs.
  2. Select your account in the manager and click on the gear icon, Adrenaline bot interface will open.
  3. Open the Combat zone tab and select Arbitrarily in the Combat zone settings
  4. Open the Attack tab, select the Action type, the name Attack and click the Add button (or configure any other skills depending on your class)
  5. Save the configured config
  6. Click the Enable bot button

This is an example of a minimal bot configuration, in fact, you can fine-tune the behavior of your character in the bot. We have detailed instructions on how to set up an Adrenaline bot on our website - having studied them, you can masterfully control several characters at once.

Typical problems

In most cases, if you followed the instructions, the bot will start without problems. If the bot window does not appear when launching Adrenaline.exe, i.e. in fact, nothing happens (or a gray Adrenaline icon appears in the tray and immediately disappears), then the following points may be the reason for this:

  • DEP interferes. Make sure you have it disabled (especially if you have a blue screen when starting the bot). You can use the DEPDisabler utility, run it with administator's rights. It is also possible that DEP is forcibly enabled in your BIOS. Boot → Security → disable option. Instructions for Windows and macOS.
  • Windows Defender Interferes. Either add the bot folder to exceptions, or disable it altogether (not recommended) - you can use the DefenderDisabler utility for this.
  • The installed third-party antivirus interferes (some antiviruses can interfere even in the disabled state). Try deleting / disabling / adding the bot files to exceptions. Google "<name of your antivirus> how to add a file to exclusions"
  • There are incorrect characters in the path to the bot folder. Try to move the bot folder to the root of the C: \ drive and call it random English characters. For example C:\\Adrenaline\\... or C:\\abrakadabra\\...
  • Bot is not updated. Run the bot updater and check for updates.
  • The game client is not updated. Try to start game using the launcher instead of l2.exe
  • Bot keys were entered incorrectly. Make sure the key.txt file lists the keys for the bot, and not for any scripts. Also try to remove spaces and invalid characters.
  • The ISP or router is blocking the connection to the bot's or updater's server. Add the bot process to the Firewall exceptions (or, again, turn it off, but we do not recommend doing this). Also try changing DNS using the DNSJumper utility, or use a VPN or mobile internet.

If you have a problem of a different nature, then check out our FAQ. If none of the actions helped you, contact the Adrenaline bot support.