Essence HelperPlugin for automating essential tasks on Essence servers.

Auto magic laps Augmentation
RandomCraft RandomCraft
Essence Helper
Auto magic laps Augmentation
RandomCraft RandomCraft
Essence Helper
Auto magic laps
Essence Helper

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Essence Helper description

Essence Helper - this is a script for Adrenaline bot with a simple and user-friendly interface that allows you to automate various vital game actions that need to be done on Essence servers in order to speed up the character boost.

Main features

  • The plugin runs on a separate account, which allows you to use it with other scripts
  • Support for English and Russian.
  • The most intuitive setting through the interface.
  • Automatic collection of magic lamps when they accumulate the right amount of them, improved or common.
  • Collection of daily quests/clan missions/tasks.
  • Automatic random crafting system, with flexible settings for needed and unnecessary items.
  • Letter collector. Lineage ll , DeathKnightSummer.
  • "Anti-PK" system - plugin searches for potentially dangerous characters according to the settings and preliminarily teleport away from them to city / safe place to wait it out, and then returns to spot after a specified period of time.
  • "Augmentation of equipment - auto search for the desired effects / effect, for example Damage+ 5% + 5% Soulshot damage, adjustable insertion speed from standard to 200 lifestones per minute.
  • Fast use of HP/Mp/Cp Pots - works much faster than the in-game ACP, you can also set up several potions of the same type for even faster recovery.

Functions and Features

  Essence Helper has 7 main functions, further details about each of them.

1) Automatic lamps collection.

  • When accumulating a given number of lamps, the plugin collects as many lamps as specified in the settings
  • To fine-tune the experience calculation, use the bonus option, the standard value is 20%
  • You can set the collection of improved lamps, do not forget that the accumulation / collection coefficient in case of improved lamps is 1/10.
  • Plugin starts counting the accumulated lamps from the moment you click the enable button in the script interface, the current accumulated amount and statistics about previously collected lamps are displayed in the table
  • Possible manually quickly assemble a large count of lamps (pre-accumulated).

2) Task collection.

  • Automatic collection from 4 tabs Hunting / Raids / System / Development.
  • Plugin once every 5 seconds checks the status of tasks, if there are completed, it collects
  • Do not forget that the inventory load should not exceed 70%

3) Random Craft.

  • Delay - the time interval between updating the list and receiving the item, this is the period when the client plays the animation of receiving the item when manually collecting.
  • The delay between roll updates is set as low as possible, the server will not check it.
  • To configure, you need enter the ID of the item and click + the item will be added to the list, then you need to click on the fields opposite the added item to determine what the item is.
    • Need - Item that the plugin will search for in the rolls with Search Method Needed.
    • Fill - items that the script will use to increase random crafting points (Items equipped on character will not be deleted by plugin even if they are specified in the fill).
    • Trash- these items are only needed for the "no trash" search method (These items are not used for Fill!).
  • Search Method: 

1) No Filter.

  • Takes an item every roll, without checking what it popup from roulette.

2) Needed.

  • Takes an item only if there is an item in the roll from the list of needed ones.

3) No trash.

  • Takes an item only if there is not one item from the trash list in the roll.

4) 5 Needed.

  • Takes an item only if the roll contains all 5 items from the list of required ones.

5) Needed+ No trash

  • Takes an item only if there is an item in the roll from the list of needed ones., and there is no items from trash list.

6) By color.

4) Augmentation.

  • You can select 1 or 2 skills from the lists, if option match 2 options is off then plugin will stop if any of the 2 skills is found. When the option is enabled, only if 2 given skills match
  • Search by description - increases the chance of successfully identifying caught properties, since there are many different options in Essence with different IDs but the same effect.
  • delay 1500 - corresponds to the insertion speed in the game, the minimum allowed is 200 ms

5) Auto HP/CP/MP

  • Multiple items of the same type can be selected, e.g. 80 Hp potions + 500 Hp potions 
  • Variable conditions for use.
  • Delay between uses individually for each customizable item.
  • The speed of using potions is much more than in-game features.

6) Letter collector. 

  • The presence of each type of letters is visually displayed
  • You can disable / enable each of the words
  • Counting the number of successful collections of each of the words

7) Anti-Pk.

  • You can set the search distance for enemies and the height (Z), you can also enable search only in the zone (Z height when searching in the zone is also taken into account)
  • Pvp (short range) - a function for escape during a standard pvp scam, for example, when a flagged player comes close to you so that you flag and he kills you.
  • Search by name - you specify to the script known nicknames in advance, upon detection of which the script will escape, no matter if your enemy is flagged or Pk. Nicknames must be entered through ; or you can dub-click in the field to select from the list.
  • Similar to the search by name function, only the search is carried out by the clan name. Names must be entered through ; or you can dub-click in the field to select from the list.
  • There are 4 methods available to leave the farming area and return to the farming spot.
  1. Hotkey - hotkey on the panel, you can set a macro / teleport scroll / skill / safe teleport point. To fill in, first select the teleport method - Hotkey, go to the adjacent field and press the desired hotkey.
  2. Useitem - using an item, usually a teleport scroll (specify its ID).
  3. UseSkill - use skill for escape, indicate its ID.
  4. Engine.Teleport - use game teleport, specify location ID. To find out the ID, you need to press the R (Record) button and manually teleport to the desired location , also using the record button (R) you can record the ID of the skill / item so as not to look for it in the lists.
  • Using Gps - this option is needed if your spot is far from the configured teleport point or you need to run to a specific place. First you need to write down the route from the teleport point to the spot, for this: open GpsEditor.exe, it is located in the folder EssenceHelper\Data\GPS ,in the program that opens, click File -> open database, select our point base Essence.Db3, Next, in adrenaline, go to the account with our character and run a script on it to intercept movements GpsEditor.enc (it is on the same path as the base of points). In GpsEditor click "Follow selected character" и "Add 2Sided link" , then we go into the game and run with our character from the teleport point to our spot, if you did everything right, then the route should appear in the editor, as you ran to the spot, close the editor. Now in the script you can click the button "Spot Coordinates" so that the script remembers them and also select our file with the base.
    Also here is a Video on setting up a return using gps.
  • Autofarm
  1. Adrenaline - turns on / off the bot when back to the spot.
  2. Game bot - turns on / off the in-game combat.
  3. Can be used both in same time.
  • By clicking on gear in the autofarm tab, you can select the resurrection method (for L coins or simple) and you can also simulate a return / flight from the spot when the settings have already been made.

8) Achievement Box.

  • Autocollect by time.
  • Early fee for L coins 100/500/1500 subject to availability

9) Farm Assister.

  • Farm optimization for various playable classes!

  1. Berserk - Auto-rush by the most profitable target according to a given radius, auto agr by the presence of more than 5 non-aggressive mobs nearby, autouse darkform
  2. Warlord- Automatic collection a group of mobs to the required number (configurable via interface).
  3. Dwarfs - Similar to warlord only uses other skills for farming/agr.
  4. Mages (Овер/Сс/Сх/Сорк), a quick mobs agr to desired number + further Aoe Farm.


10) Pvp Assister.

  • Automatic Party invite , players / clans from the list. (distraction during pvp)
  • Automatic ClanWar invite , players / clans from the list. (distraction during pvp)
  • Automatic Trade Request, players / clans from the list. (distraction during pvp)
  • Flexible response actions when we are targeted by another player / clan member from list, response targeting, opening the game window, turning off bot autofarm / ingame autohunting, notification to the messenger.

  • Pvp options are under development, you can write your suggestions in PM neowhite#3259


11) Search for objects / notifications.

  • Npc spawn notifications /Mobs/ Raid bosses.
  • Bot death notification.
  • You can set up a looped teleport via ALT+F or the teleporter Book to expand the view (scan area).
  • For each individual object, you can specify a separate chat / channel in Discord/Telegram.


If you have any questions about functionality, check out FAQ section.

Start-up instructions

  1. First, download the updater and move it to the folder you want to use for storing the scripts.
  2. Run the updater and select Script for bot -> Essence Helper.
  3. Press download and wait for the files to download. Will appear Scripts folder in the same place as the script updater, and inside will be EssenceHelper folder.
  4. In file key.txt, located next to the script you need to enter trial or a purchased key (the file is created automatically after the first launch of the script).
  5. In the Adrenaline bot to the right-bottom of the list, click the + button to add a new empty account - go to it and then to the Script tab, click on the button with the folder icon at the top. A window for selecting a file will appear. Select EssenceHelper.bin from the Essence Helper folder and click on the orange start button - the plugin window will appear. (video demonstration of how it is done).
  6. Make the necessary settings (there are video and text instructions) and activate the plugin.
  7. That's all. Successful farming!