BoxerScript for autologin and accounts control on private servers

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Greet - Boxer!

Boxer - is a script with a compact and informative interface for the Adrenaline Bot, which will help you quickly load your game accounts, get basic information about their activity, and make sure that your bots are always online and busy.

Simply add your game accounts data to the "Boxer" once and then load them with one click or by the set activity timer. What's more, if any account leaves or hangs up, the Boxer will automatically close the problem client, load a new one and enter the game, so that the farming never stops.

Thus if you are farming on private servers (using script Hunter for example) or just tired of keeping notebooks with your accounts' data and entering them hundreds of times, the proven over years Boxer will help you out.

Functions and features

  • Work only on private Lineage 2 servers and on any chronicles
  • Support of English and Russian language
  • Game accounts manager for quick management (launch, relog, open, etc.)
  • The display of CP, HP, MP, level, state, and number of selected items
  • The automatic reboot of accounts when the game client hangs up, disconnects, game server got restarted, internet problems occur, etc.
  • Closure of various interfering errors. For example, about the absence of a video card.
  • Activity timers - different time of online can be set for any account
  • Support of standard and custom secondary passwords before/after login
  • Changing the size and position of game windows automatically after they are loaded
  • Support of Hwid Spoofer for IP / HWID spoofing (purchased separately)
  • The ability to manage multiple marked accounts at once
  • Simultaneous loading of multiple accounts if required
  • Automatic launch of the bot, selected profiles and scripts
  • Setting up random pauses for loading accounts and not only
  • Light and sound notifications in case of loading errors, disconnects, etc.
  • Automatic backup of accounts' data for complete safety
  • Hiding players, traders, monsters, NPC, drop to reduce the load from each client of the game, as well as clearing the memory of the game client


  1. First, download the updater and move it to the folder you want to use for storing the scripts.
  2. Run the updater and select the Boxer script from the list.
  3. Click Download and wait for the files to be downloaded. The Boxer folder will appear where the updater of the scripts is located.
  4. Create a new empty account (how to do it?) in the Adrenaline Bot, go to the Script tab and click on the folder icon from above. A window will appear to select the file.
  5. Select Boxer.bin from Boxer folder and press the orange start button. 
  6. After starting, you will see a message that the key is missing, and then a window will appear in which you need to insert the trial or purchased key you have received.
  7. Done. Use it with pleasure!