How to purchase bot keys if you are not from Russia (not actual)

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Last update: from 06/04/2022

It works again!

We have normalized payment of our products from different countries!

Available payment options: PayPal, bank cards, cryptocurrencies, Payeer, Coinbase. Steam skins, Webmoney, Advcash, Brazil PIX, Turkish Bank Card, Unionpay.

Essence of problem

Adrenaline bot, scripts for it and our other products - are programs of developers from Russia, but our customers - are people all over the world.

Although we are against the war, but in connection with the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, as well as the sanctions adopted by the international community against Russia, we are no longer able to recieve payments using PayPal.

Available payment options: bank cards, cryptocurrencies, Payeer, Coinbase. Steam skins, Webmoney, Advcash, Brazil PIX, Turkish Bank Card, Unionpay.
We understand, they may be unfamiliar to you, so we have prepared examples of using for you.

We are actively looking for ways to solve this problem and trying to restore your usual payment methods, but this may take some time and, unfortunately, the result depends not so much on ourselves, but on the people who make decisions at the world level.

It will be very grateful if you take a little of your time and use the instructions below. This will give us a lot of support!

Of course, you can contact our technical support for help with payment.

Examples of using


At the moment, this is perhaps the most convenient, cheapest and fastest of the options for you if you do not have other established payment methods. Main advantages: no limits on payments min amount and low commissions.

Payeer is an electronic wallet that can be refilled from a bank card and then paid from its balance. Of the minuses - it requires identification (different for different countries), but in our time this is a standard requirement for financial regulators in any country. It also allows you to exchange fiat currencies for crypto, and pay with it.

Instructions for purchase keys using Payeer

  1. Register on their website.
  2. In your personal account, select the wallet you want to refill and the method of refillment
  3. Enter the desired amount and click Add
  4. Follow the instructions of the payment system.
  5. Next, as usual, open the Adrenaline bot purchase page, select the required license, and after you are redirected to the page, select the Payeer payment method. Then follow the instructions of the payment system as usual.

Litecoin (LTC)

Cryptocurrency payment is even cheaper than other methods, but requires more care. The only significant minus is that exchanges have minimum limits for depositing/converting fiat to crypto, so just depositing small amounts of $3-5 will not work, but if we talk about amounts of $20 and above, then this is a great option.

Since we assume that these instructions are read by those who have not been particularly interested in crypto before, we will consider just simple options through exchanges like Binance, because. this is the most comfortable and safety option for the average user. Those who already use crypto, or do not want to be identified on the exchange, most likely already know how to pay with crypto and do it anonymously (however, do not hesitate to contact us in those support, we will help if anything).

On crypto-exchanges, it is possible to store money in different currencies, but in general, accounts (balances) can be divided into fiat (state currencies, such as USD, EUR, etc.) and cryptocurrency (BTC, LTC, USDT, etc.). Cryptocurrencies usually have a floating rate, but there are so-called stablecoins, the rate of which is rigidly tied to some fiat currency (USDT \ BUSD).

Purchase process using any cryptocurrencies can be briefly described as follows:

  1. Register on a crypto exchange
  2. Top up your fiat account on a crypto exchange
  3. Before buying a key, change fiat money to some cryptocurrency
  4. Purchase key with cryptocurrency

Initial registration takes literally 10 minutes (including identification), and the process of replenishing the balance takes no more than a couple of minutes.

The main advantage of Litecoin (LTC) is the extremely low transaction fee (0.001 LTC = ~$0.1 at the time of writing). But unlike stablecoins, its rate is not stable, so you should change fiat money to LTC only at the moment when you decide to buy a key in order to avoid possible losses due to rate fluctuations. Because prices for our keys are tied to fiat currencies - if the LTC rate changes, then the amount you need to pay in LTC will change too, i.e. you have nothing to lose in this scenario.

How to purchase keys using LTC

  1. Register on Binance, just follow the step-by-step instructions on their website.
  2. In your personal account, refill the fiat account on the exchange, select the desired currency and the method of refillment. Click the "Continue" button and follow the instructions.
  3. Exchange money from fiat balance to cryptocurrency in LTC (you can find out exactly how much LTC you need in paragraph 6, so just read paragraphs 3-5 now for review, and do it a little later)
  4. Go to the Adrenaline Bot purchase page and select the required license type.
  5. We get to the page of the service, select the (LTC) Litecoin method
  6. We get to the service payment page with instructions on where and how much LTC needs to be transferred (copy the crypto wallet address and the amount, so as not to be mistaken)
  7. Send LTC from the Binance balance to another wallet according to the instructions from
    Wallet and amount must match exactly! So you need add + 0.001 LTC to amount by yorself.
  8. We wait a few minutes (~3-5) until the operation is confirmed in the blockchain, and then, as usual, you will receive a key by mail. It will also appear in your personal account.


The payment system (, which we use for automatic key delivery, is a subsidiary of WebMoney. Therefore, the commission for payment by this system is minimal there (0.8% is the standard commission for all transactions in WebMoney).

WebMoney, in simple terms, is electronic money that can be replenished from a bank card. You can have different wallets in different currencies, but in our case, the most relevant one is WMZ (1 wmz = 1 usd). Depending on the country, some basic identification of the person (passport data) may be required. The identification process can also take several days, so we recommend registering in advance so as not to end up in a situation where the key is over and the wallet has not yet been registered. In addition, in some countries WebMoney does not work at all.

Instructions for paying for keys using WebMoney

  1. Register in the system, by default you will be issued aт "Alias" passport, it can be upgraded to "Formal" by providing the necessary information. Passports are something like levels in their system (learn more about passports).
  2. Create a new WMZ wallet in your personal account - its card will appear in the list of wallets.
  3. Press the button Refill -> From a bank card. In the window that appears, indicate the amount of refillment and card details (as with regular online purchases). This step may and will require you to identify yourself.
  4. Now that there is money in the WMZ wallet, as usual, select the type of license you need on our website and after you are redirected to the page, select the WebMoney payment method. Then follow the instructions of the payment system as usual.