TateosScript for completing quests for Tateossian TT recipes


Here he is - Tateos!

Tateos - is a smart script with an interface for Adrenalin Bot, which is ready to make you rich by completing quests for Tateossian ТТ recipes, namely - Egg Delivery and Delivery of Special Liquor.

Unlike its counterparts, "Tateos" has the flexibility to work on any server and with any character. Moreover, for each character, you can quickly draw unique routes.

More and more often, game server administrations put a spoke in wheel for such scripts - they change the order in which quests are completed, location of quest NPC, symbols and words in dialogues. Tateos is ready for these difficulties and will work without problems!

Functions and features

  • Work on any Lineage 2 servers
  • Support of English and Russian language
  • Completion of quests for TT recipes - Egg Delivery and Delivery of Special Liquor
  • An ability to start at any stage of the quests
  • Teleportation and buffs through standard NPC, custom NPC or "Alt+B"
  • 2 possible quest routines, ready GPS routes and the ability to change them via the built-in visual editor with a game map and recording function via movement in the game
  • Fast individual setting of dialogues with each NPC
  • An ability to change the names and coordinates of the quest NPC to custom ones
  • Storage of farmed recipes to a clan warehouse
  • Profiles for quick switching between saved settings
  • Hiding of players, merchants, monsters, drop to reduce the load from each game client and clearing the memory of the game client
  • Light and sound alerts when work is completed or problems occur


  1. First, download the updater and move it to the folder you want to use for storing the scripts.
  2. Run the updater and select the Tateos script from the list.
  3. Click Download and wait for the files to be downloaded. The Tateos folder will appear where the updater of the scripts is located.
  4. Go to the Script tab in the Adrenaline Bot and click on the folder icon from above. A window will appear to select the file.
  5. Select Tateos.bin from Tateos folder and press the orange start button. 
  6. After starting, you will see a message that the key is missing, and then a window will appear in which you need to insert the trial or purchased key you have received.
  7. Done. Use it with pleasure!