Raid Boss TrackerScript for monitoring Raid Bosses / Npc

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Description of Raid Boss Tracker

Raid Boss Tracker - script for Adrenaline bot with a simple and convenient interface, that allows you to track the appearance of important mobs in the game. With its help, you can get the necessary information, for example about raid bosses spawn / their current state / players, who farm the boss / loot from boss.

The script has 2 search methods

  1. Using the game Map (for chronicles where RB is displayed on the map)
  2. Scanning Npc surrounding the bot.


  • Sending notifications to Telegram / Discord / ICQ / Clan chat / Ally chat when a boss is detected.
  • Displaying the time until the start of the spawn (when using the 1st search method).
  • Tracking mode:
    Allows you to track the Status of HP of the boss, Surrounding players, Drop from the Boss , change of status (Classic-Essence servers).
  • Convenient customization of tracked bosses
  • Auto-detection characters on the account to maximize the receipt of the necessary information.
  • Saving settings to profiles for different accounts.
  • Keeping logs and saving them to a log file.

Start-up instructions

  1. First, download the updater and move it to the folder you want to use for storing the scripts.
  2. Run the updater and select the script for bot -> Raid Boss Tracker.
  3. Press download and wait for the files to download. Will appear Scripts  folder in the same place as the script updater, and inside will be RaidBossTracker folder .
  4. In file key.txt, located next to the script you need to enter trial or a purchased key (the file is created automatically after the first launch of the script).
  5. In the Adrenaline bot, go to the Script tab and click on the button with the folder icon on top. A file selection window will appear. Please select RaidBossTracker.bin from the RaidBossTracker folder and click on the orange start button - the plugin window will appear. (video demonstration of how it is done).
  6. Select the search method, the speed of information update, add the RaidBoss you need to the list of bosses, make the setting on the 2nd tab (Notification settings), go to the 1st tab - enter the name of the profile press save, now you can activate Plugin.