Packet ScannerPacket analysis plugin for Adrenaline bot

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What is Packet Scanner and what is it for?

Packet Scanner - is a tool that allows you to intercept and analyze Lineage 2 client-server packets and is designed as a plug-in for the Adrenaline bot. Plugin features are similar, but inferior to the rather well-known L2 Packet Hack (l2phx). The latter, unfortunately, has not worked for a long time on most servers with protection.


  • Displaying and filtering (white \ black lists) of packets
  • Displaying the structure of the selected package (special files are required, not all chronicles are included)
  • Configurable highlighting of specified bytes in a selected packet
  • Converters HEX <-> INT, HEX <-> STR
  • Sending single packets to client / server

Start-up instructions

  1. To receive files write a private message in Discord'e farmwl#9868
  2. Put archive files in a separate folder, for example ..Adrenalin\Scripts\PacketScanner\..
  3. Open and run the PacketScanner.enc file In Adrenaline bot as you usually run all scripts - the plugin window will appear
  4. In the upper left corner of the plugin, click the Start button to activate the recording of captured packets