NexTargetIncredible PvP script with radar


Greet with applause - NexTarget!

NexTarget - is a PvP script with radar and a multifunctional interface for the Adrenaline Bot, which gives you a real influence on balance of the game. It doesn't matter if you participate in 1vs1 PvP, GvG or large-scale clan event - NexTraget will be your faithful assistant in the battle!

Targeting is a main function of the radar in PvP. All the players around you are displayed in the list and plainly visible on the minimap in "NexTarget". Of course, you can customize which classes and clans are priority for you. And vice versa, you can exclude enemies that are weak or invulnerable at the moment from the search. You no longer need to select target with mouse, you can choose targets you need with the click of a button and switch between the closest ones instantly.

There are more than 20 PvP functions - reskill, interrupt of enemy casts, auto use of skills, antiback, hold target, antiagro, auto use of potions, auto noble on you and party, dispel buffs and more. You can even set up such scenarios - "run behind the enemy's back and hit with a back when I use a button", "use fear if my target is a healer", "if my assister is casting cancel, target the same enemy and cast cancel too". Incredible opportunities!

But if, nevertheless, the listed functions are not enough, "NexTarget" has it's own API, which will allow you to implement new functions and manage them in the radar interface.

NexTarget became the first plugin for the Adrenaline bot 5 years ago and throughout this time it has acquired many new functions based on wishes of pro-players. You should at least try it!

Main features

  • Work on any Lineage 2 servers
  • Support of English and Russian language
  • The list of surrounding monsters, NPCs, drop, players, indicating their class, clan with icon and distance
  • The locator with objects, direction indication, zoom settings
  • A separate list of enemy players currently targeting you
  • An ability to target via list, locator and hotkeys
  • Filter by category - enemies, neutrals, allies, party, flagged, PK
  • Two-level setting of priority and colors for classes, clans and specific players
  • An ability to set priority, ignore and icons by buffs, equipment, effects (invulnerable, invisible, stunned, feared, etc.), status (noblesse, hero, clan leader), target (is targeting you, your party, etc.) and player's current cast
  • The display of HP, MP and target of the selected player (depends on server)
  • Window with detailed information about the current target (stats, buffs, effects, equipment)
  • Setting up the visibility of the interface panels and transparency
  • Quick switching between profiles via hotkeys
  • An ability to disable the bot and functions when the game window is inactive, in a peace zone, when invulnerable or invisible

20 PvP functions

1) FastTarget (auto target, auto assist)
  • Targets players from the main list and the list of attacking players automatically or via hotkeys. Target can be changed automatically among the highest priorities within a configurable time interval
  • Targets specific players' classes or even groups of classes via hotkeys
  • Assist - targeting the target of another player (not necessarily a party member). It is possible to set up 2 such players, for the cases of first player being neutralized
  • Targets specific player nicknames via hotkeys. It is useful when enemies create pets with the same nickname
  • Targets clan leader and party leader via hotkeys. It is useful on mass events for quick regroup
2) SmartSkills (auto skills)
  • Using skills automatically or via hotkeys
  • An ability to set up several skills for one key
  • Runs behind the target's back automatically if necessary. Extremely useful function for daggers
  • An ability to set the categories of targets on which the skill will be used (enemy/ally/neutral/monster,etc.)
  • More than 40 additional conditions - character/party/target stats, target's class, buffs, equipment, effects, distance, casts, targets nearby
  • Switches weapons. For example, to use skills from Life Stones (LS). 
  • An ability to ignore spiritshot lag (for PTS servers)
  • Setting up the frequency of using the skill
3) HoldTarget
  • Targets the last target if it was canceled
  • Cancels target via configurable hotkey
4) Reskill
  • Targets enemy players after their resurrection
  • Attacks using skills immediately after targeting if necessary
  • Setting up a filter by players classes and nicknames
  • Sound notifications
5) Cursor
  • Displays the quest arrow to the target for easy orientation
6) AutoMark
  • Marks current target with a star, heart, cross, crescent automatically. For the chronicles above Goddess Of Destruction
7) GroupSkills
  • Targets and attacks enemy players simultaneously with another player, assister
  • Returns to the previous target after cast automatically
  • Setting up a filter by players classes and nicknames
  • Sound notifications
8) BreakCast (cast interrupt)
  • Attacks enemy players when they are casting certain skills. For example, for cast interruption
  • An ability to use AoE skills like Aura Flash and target skills like Trick
  • Returns to the previous target after cast automatically
  • Sound notifications
9) Notices
  • Screen messages and sound notifications in different occasions - the emergence of an object, casting, dealing and receiving damage, getting and losing buffs or effects
  • Displays the amount of damage dealt and received, mana burned
  • Cast success or failure message
  • Flexible customization of screen messages - text, position on the screen, size and color of the font
  • An ability to set the categories of objects (enemy/ally/neutral/monster,etc.)
10) AutoNoble
  • Controls Noblesse Blessing on you and your party
  • Sound notifications
11) AutoToggles
  • Controls one or more toggle skills
  • An ability to activate toggles only when casting or targeting an enemy player
12) HotBuff
  • Quick Alt + B buff via hotkey
13) AutoPotions (ACP)
  • Auto use of different potions for CP, HP, MP recovery
  • Debuffs that put a limit on CP, HP, MP are taken into consideration
14) AntiAgr (anti hate)
  • Target returns automatically if you was provoked to attack by an enemy player
  • An ability to completely ignore agro on some servers up to High Five chronicles
15) AntiBack
  • Dodges backstabs by turning or using skills at the moment of attack
  • Returns to the previous target after cast automatically
16) AntiFear
  • Resists fear by switching to walking and canceling buffs that increase movement speed
  • Sound notifications
17) AntiDisarm
  • Equips your last weapon automatically if you was disarmed
18) AntiBreakCast (anti cast interrupt)
  • Dodges cast interruption by canceling the target at the moment of casting
19) Dispel
  • An ability to cancel unnecessary buffs both automatically and via hotkey
  • An ability to customize number of buffs
20) GameUtils
  • Hiding players, traders, monsters, NPCs with an ability to set up categories (party, allies, neutrals, enemies, etc.) and exceptions to reduce the load
  • Hiding cast animations with an ability to set up categories and exceptions to reduce the load
  • Changes the titles of the players to the desired ones. It is useful when players have very similar nicknames to distinguish them

Start-up Instructions

  1. First, download the updater and move it to the folder you want to use for storing the scripts.
  2. Run the updater and select the NexTarget script from the list.
  3. Click Download and wait for the files to be downloaded. The NexTarget folder will appear where the updater of the scripts is located.
  4. Go to the Script tab in the Adrenaline Bot and click on the folder icon from above. A window will appear to select the file.
  5. Select NexTarget.bin from NexTarget folder and press the orange start button. If you are using NexTarget API and NTCustomScript.txt, run the NexTarget.enc.
  6. After starting, you will see a message that the key is missing, and then a window will appear in which you need to insert the trial or purchased key you have received.
  7. Done. Have a good fight!