ManipulatorScript for repeating actions for the main character

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Manipulator description

Manipulator - is a script for Adrenaline bot with a simple and convenient interface that allows you to control several characters at once. With its help, your secondary characters will be able to repeat the actions performed by your main character. In addition, you can customize the list of actions that will be performed when hotkeys are pressed. There are many uses for this, ranging from the simultaneous passage of quests in several windows at once or passage of instances solo, to the management of a full party in PvP, sieges or farming.


  • Plugin works from offline account, this allows you to use it together with other scripts.
  • The plugin allows you to manage any of the selected windows that are running in the Adrenaline bot.
  • Any character launched in the bot can be selected as the main character, after which all others will repeat after him, not only the one on which the script was launched. This makes it possible to use the Manipulator together with other scripts at the same time.
  • The ability to choose which actions to repeat and which not. For some actions, there are specifying settings.
  • A customizable list of hotkeys and actions that will be performed when they are pressed.
  • Convenient and quick configuration for different tasks thanks to the saved configs and the ability to switch between them on the fly.

Repeatable actions

  • Movement, with customizable coordinates randomization (so characters do not crowd at one point)
  • Teleports via the interface, relevant for new chronicles
  • Ressurection
  • Change target
  • Opening and selecting dialogs with Npc, Alt + B, including on servers with dynamically variable bypass
  • Confirmation of dialogues (such as invite to event or summon)
  • Using items - consumables or equipment (with equipment check)
  • Using skills, with or without cooldown check.
  • Removing items
  • Trade with Npc, exchange of items through exchangers
  • Relog, Entering the game (character selection)
  • Key press
  • Repeat messages in the chat, including commands /unstuck, etc.

Some script functions may not work on servers where the bot works only in the active window, to know for sure you need to check on your server.

Start-up instructions

  1. First, download the updater and move it to the folder you want to use for storing the scripts.
  2. Run the updater and select the Scripts for bot -> Manipulator.
  3. Press download and wait for the files to download. Will appear Scripts  folder in the same place as the script updater, and inside will be Manipulator folder.
  4. In file key.txt, located next to the script you need to enter trial or a purchased key (the file is created automatically after the first launch of the script).
  5. In the Adrenaline bot, go to the Script tab and click on the button with the folder icon on top. A file selection window will appear. Please select Manipulator.bin from the Manipulator folder and click on the orange start button - the plugin window will appear. (video demonstration of how it is done).
  6. Make the necessary settings and activate the plugin.
  7. That's all. Successful manipulations!