ExperUniversal quest levling for any chronicles and classes

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Exper plugin description

What is Exper and what is it for?

Exper - is a script for fully automatically leveling any class from scratch. The script performs all the main quest chains when pumping. Already, it has the richest functionality among analogues, and is actively developing. It is perfect for simplifying the game for ordinary players (while you sleep - Exper is swinging), and for professional farmers who need to pump out a lot of windows for farming.

Where does it work?

  • Official servers Lineage II (RU, EU, NA)
  • Free servers with a game client from official servers without modifications
  • For more details on which free servers are currently supported, check with the developer in the PM, or on the page with the FAQ ( book ) inside the running script.
  • Inside the script there is a form to request to add your free server, fill it out and your server will be added to the script in turn.
  • Support for High Five chronicle will be added soon with completion of 1-2 professions

P.S. You can try to run the script on any free server using a trial key if your server's chronicles match one of those listed below.

Supported versions and chronicles

  • Essense / Aden: 1 - 75 lvl 
  • Classic / Legacy: 1 - 40 lvl
  • Main: 1 - 100 lvl


  • Everything is done so that at the same time it is both easy to start and to fine-tune all the details
  • Advanced system of conditions - for most actions, you can add absolutely non-trivial conditions
  • For the script, you get a lot of drawn maps, as well as bot configs for various chronicles
  • It is enough to select the required class and press the start button, and no more settings.


  • Full afk leveling, resistant to death and disconnects. You just start the script on the character and it level up without any participation on your part.
  • Supports all races and classes. For each race, you can specify which classes need to exp (you can specify several classes and the script will choose randomly)
  • Universal and powerful movement system, which includes:
    1. GPS-based movement + easy route editing in visual editor
    2. Fight off agro mobs and players while driving with advanced settings
    3. The ability to activate the self-buff and heal functions while moving
  • Customizable consumables purchase / trash sale lists (automatically selects the city with the lowest tax) - default settings for each chronicle are exist
  • Customizable buffs / buffers lists - you can easily add some event buffs, if you suddenly need to - default settings for each chronicle are exist
  • Customizable priority in the choice of equipment (affects the rewards for quests / + 16th weapon at the start, etc.)
  • Takes daily rewards / bonuses from the store / rewards for daily missions, etc.
  • Script can join bots running on one PC to a party, if they are on the same spot and are located not far from each other
  • Customizable reaction to death - if the character dies often, he will wait before returning to the spot (it is assumed that in this way PK get tired of waiting and leave)
  • Customizable resurrection for L Coins
  • Ability to prematurely stop exping at a specified level
  • The ability to run the next script after Exper finished (for example, you can write your own script that will send all to the warehouse, create a new char and run Exper on it again)

Start-up instructions

  1. First, download the updater and move it to the folder you want to use for storing the scripts.
  2. Run the updater and select the Exper script from the list.
  3. Click Download and wait for the files to be downloaded. The Exper folder will appear where the updater of the scripts is located.
  4. In the keys.txt file placed next to the script, you need to enter a trial or purchased key (one or more - each on a new line).
  5. Make setup (select what chronicle logic should be used and specify which professions you want to lvl up).
  6. Go to the Script tab in the Adrenaline Bot and click on the folder icon from above. A window will appear to select the file. Select Exper.bin from Exper folder and press the orange start button. (video demonstration of how this is done)
  7. That's all. Fast leveling up!