ID English Name Русское название
12077 Wolf Wolf
12311 Hatchling of the Wind Hatchling of the Wind
12312 Hatchling of the Stars Hatchling of the Stars
12313 Hatchling of Twilight Hatchling of Twilight
12526 Wind Strider Wind Strider
12527 Star Strider Star Strider
12528 Twilight Strider Twilight Strider
12564 Sin Eater Sin Eater
12621 Wyvern Wyvern
12774 Young Squash Young Squash
12775 High Quality Squash High Quality Squash
12776 Low Quality Squash Low Quality Squash
12777 Large Young Squash Large Young Squash
12778 High Quality Large Squash High Quality Large Squash
12779 Low Quality Large Squash Low Quality Large Squash