• Updated11/11/2019
  • AuthorFJIAHKEP


  • Script supports different chrinicles, at the moment it is:
    Essense (Kamael. Part 2) 1-40 lvl (in fact 40-70+ is ready, but so far I can't guarantee stability)
    Classic (Kamael. Part 2 \ Kamael \ Secret of Empire) 1-40 lvl
  • Full afk leveling, resistant to death and disconnects. You just start the script on the character and it level up without any participation on your part.
  • Supports all races and classes. For each race, you can specify which classes need to exp (you can specify several classes and the script will choose randomly)
  • Universal powerful movement system fully adapted to the new teleport system (including using of cats at the essence servers). The script will find itself and continue to move from anywhere in the world.
  • Customizable consumables purchase / trash sale lists (automatically selects the city with the lowest tax) - default settings for each chronicle are exist
  • Customizable buffs / buffers lists - you can easily add some event buffs, if you suddenly need to - default settings for each chronicle are exist
  • Customizable priority in the choice of equipment (affects the rewards for quests / + 16th weapon at the start, etc.)
  • Takes daily rewards / bonuses from the store / rewards for daily missions, etc.
  • Script can join bots running on one PC to a party, if they are on the same spot and are located not far from each other
  • Customizable reaction to death - if the character dies often, he will wait before returning to the spot (it is assumed that in this way PK get tired of waiting and leave)
  • Customizable resurrection for L Coins
  • Ability to prematurely stop exping at a specified level
  • The ability to run the next script after Exper finished (for example, you can write your own script that will send all to the warehouse, create a new char and run Exper on it again)

Immediate plans

  • Essence development to 76 + lvl
  • Adding an interface for convenient configuration of the script (atm everything can be configured via XML files)
  • Adding new chronicles: Main (Prelude of War. Part 2) 1-99 lvl

The script is under active development, any suggestions / suggestions are highly welcome.


  • Test key: free while open testing period L2EXP_1W_ADRENALINEBOTCOM )
  • Key for 1 window: 3$ per month
  • Key for 3 windows: 8$ per month
  • Key for 10 windows: 26$ per month
  • Key for 30 windows: 60$ per month

Keys start expire only after activation.

Prices may change in the future, but all keys purchased in advance will certainly work regardless of when they were purchased.


Discord: FJIAHKEP#8140

Skype: imelotron

ICQ: 6-647-345

How to start

  1. Download files (Download), unzip to a separate folder, for example /Adrenaline/Scripts/Exper/...
  2. In the key.txt file located next to the script, you need to enter the keys (one or more - each from a new line)
  3. Open Exper.bin script in Adrenaline Bot and run it

All script settings are stored in the /Exper/Configs/... folder - for each chronicle there is a default config with the name of the chronicle and server type (Essence / Classic / Main)

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