• Updated11/19/2018
  • AuthorTochy

Script just repeats Sweetest Venom quest, its fully automated - after start you can go AFK for days. Script was well tested and works 100% stable.
Quest for characters 18lv +, any race/class. Tested on Classic NA servers but should work on others too.

Can start it on unlimited amout of characters. Quest reward is 1000-3500 adena (depends on server rate), complete time around 15-20 mins, its also good for level up.

  • Character level 18+
  • Start in Dark Elf Village, recommended location: near GK or quest NPC Astaron
  • Configured adrenaline profile for your char (attack, healing, targeting etc) and mob filther for Prowler (can be set also to Arachnid Tracker and Giant Venomous Spider but these uses poison)
  • Optional - Scroll of Escape or Newbie Scroll of Escape in inventory (if not, script runs back to town on foot or uses /unstuck)
  • Script/quest can run on any class/race
  • Auto repeat quest
  • Start/resume at any part of the quest
  • Revive and continue if dead
  • Auto go to spot
  • Use soe when stuck when farming or got all quest items (or /unstuck if no soe in inventory)
  • Protect itself from aggro mobs during cast /unstuck
  • Random unstuck/soe points
  • Auto pause for some time when die more than 10 times during one quest run (protects for delevel/drop items etc)
  • Plays sound alarm and stops when quest is completed max times
  • Plays sound alarm and goes back to town when get captcha penalty, then waits till its lifted and continue quest (soon ill maybe add a captcha alarm too)
  • Shows average time for completed quests
  • Custom routes (less chance that gm would get suspicious)
  • Free updates & fixes - if theres any problem just msg me on Skype

4$ per month - for purchase contact me


Skype: damian.mal497

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