• Updated06/18/2019
  • AuthorSedward

Script for exping 1-40 lvl (+2nd transfer quest) for official classic servers (RU/EU/NA). Supports all races and classes.

  • Script have visual interface for easy setup

  • This script will always start from where it was stopped previously. It is possible even to move the character to another location/place/country

  • When your character is travelling through the location and while being attacked by NPC, script will always protect your character by involving him/her into fight with those agressive or social NPC.

  • Advanced system of clothing has been written script will put on the best clothes and weapons avaliable in the characters inventory (weapons,armors,jewelery), which also could be set up by the player. moreover, script will put on set armors. even takes in consideration special runes C,B,A items (yes, these are exist)

  • Highly effective system of taking items to warehouse has been written. whatever the item is in our inventory, script could make a decision to put in in WH or to keep it or put it on a character. Script doesnt put consumables into WH but take the rest to WH. moreover, you can decide what to keep in the inventory and what to leave in WH.

  • While leveling up from 20-39 script might buy consumables (SSD/BSSD/healing potions, etc, from NPC, from different players. what about NPC -there is nothing special, but what for the players - you can simply add some settings wich allow you character to buy what you need from players even in different towns. (there will be another script avaliable soon with that abilities)

  • Make quest Moon Knight

  • Actually, there are lots of interesting and highly effective things avaliable, but not implemented right now, need some tests.

Some difficulties:

  • Humans 1-20 face Undins during some quests, so they are pretty tough for the regular gear, pay some attention while script is fighting those mobs.

  • During 20-31 leveling up, at the moment there are not so many locations for effective exping. I just need to find them and add it.

  • According to the second class transfer, script has some difficulties in fighting some aggresive and tough NPC's for example Cruma tower or Ant Nest, so it is better for you to pass those quest by your own. Right now there is no chance to figure out how to overcome those locations.

  • 7$ only for one character (activated for the character where was first started, not to his nickname). limitless, for the entire process (1-40 lvl).

  • 20$ for 4 characters (activated on all 4 chars). limitless keys for each of the character so you can achieved (1-40 lvl) .

  • 30$ unlimited amount of characters and accounts for 1 month.


Skype: muhebpa

P.S. I can assure you that I'm in charge of all further fixes and improvements. If you face any problems or questions regarding my script, please, do not hesitate, give me a message on skype. I am avaliable there almost 24/7.

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