• Updated06/18/2019
  • Authorfarmwl

Script for adena farm on Bard's Mandoline quest by chars 15+. You should check if this quest is actual on your server by yourself (usually regard is 10k adena, and it can be increased by rates).

Making quests takes about 5 min + you can start unlimited amount of characters. So you can calculate profit (for example, on x3 server 10 chars will make about 3kk per hour). 

  • All movements based on GPS
  • Script protected against disconnects
  • You can restart script at every moment of it's working - it will continue from last step
  • Printing info in Adrenaline logs
  • You can setup all dialogs with each NPC via .ini file
  • Supports dynamic bypasses and another dialogs protections
How to start:
  1. Download latest version via Script Updater, it will be dowloaded to ..\Adrenalin\Scripts\BardsMandolin\..
  2. Start script (BardsMandolin.bin) 1st time, it give an error, key file not found and create it: key.txt
  3. Put your key into that txt file
  4. Start script in Dion

1 month key - 5$


Skype: farmwl

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